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General Advice to importers

Avoiding costly mistakes

Involve an experienced Customshouse Broker early in your importing project to avoid major importing delays or refusals. 

To reduce costs, consider a continuous (annual) Customs bond if the value of your imported goods will exceed  $75,000 annually.

Arrange to pay all Customs duties directly to U.S. Customs & B.P.

Submitting payments for Customs charges to any Customshouse Broker or third party, such as a freight forwarder, will not relieve you of liability for Customs duties, taxes, fees or other debts owed Customs in the event these payments are not subsequently tendered to U.S. Customs & B.P.   Customs charges may be paid with a separate check made payable to "U.S. Customs & B.P.", which shall be delivered to Customs by the broker.

We strongly recommend that importers establish either a Debit or Credit  ACH Account with U.S. Customs, it is fast, easy, safe and secure and can allow you additional time to pay your duties

Please call to discuss the many options made available by U.S. Customs & BP.

Make sure your address on file in the Customs database is current .

If you move , notify us immediately. Incorrect addresses can result in your firm being "Voided" out of the system, which can result in costly delays.

Notify us immediately upon discovery of any errors on any Customs transaction. 
Submission of incomplete or inaccurate information related to an import entry ( Including descriptions, quantities, weights, purchase prices, discounts,commissions, changed selling price at time of exportation, assists, country of origin , etc)  makes you liable to severe Governmental penalties and sanctions. 

In the event the information forwarded to us , or which accompanied the shipment, does not accurately reflect the entire transaction, it is essential that you immediately notify us so we can take corrective action.

Importer Security Filing (aka 10 + 2) must be done 24 hours prior to departure of ocean shipments.

We recommend adding a legal clause to any purchase order or contract to make your suppliers aware of the severe fines your firm may be subject to if the filing is late or inaccurate.  Under no circumstance should your shipment be loaded onto a vessel without confirmation that an ISF has been filed.

ISF filings is a service we provide, take advantage of it !