U.S. Customs ACH payments

Quick Overview

Paying your duties directly to Customs requires you to set up an ACH account

The two chief options you have are either ACH Credit or ACH Debit.

ACH Credit

This allows the importer to initiate the duty payments. Typically you would log onto your bank website and initiate an ACH payment.

This option is advantages if your bank balances fluctuate , but it requires effort on your part. 

ACH Debit

This allows the Customshouse Broker to initiate the duty payments on your behalf.

This option is advantages if your bank account is adequately funded and you don't want to get involved in the ongoing process of setting up ACH payments. 

In either case, our server will email you your Customs issued duty statement several days in advance for review or payment

ACH may sound complicated , but is really simple. Please call us to help get you started.

A Customs ACH account combined with the Periodic Payment option will give you between 15 - 35 work days to pay your duties.

PDF Application forms are on the right

The U.S Customs link below provides more detailed information

ACH Debit Application.PDF

    ACH Credit Instructions.PDF

ACH Credit Application.PDF

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